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Welcoming OUT-ER (Out Electronic Recordings)

posted by Formaviva

During the past 2 years, we put our platform through its paces amongst the underground Techno community. The resounding message is - it works and we're ready to broaden our horizons! Creators finally have a playground that complements their sophisticated, modern and life-giving music.

On our radar since the very beginning, we're excited to welcome a truly international outfit, OUT-ER (Out Electronic Recordings) to the platform. The label is run by two life-long music disciples, DJs & Producers Simone Gatto and Distant Echoes, hailing from the rugged beauty of Italy's Apulia region.

Known for their eclectic selection of leftfield, diverse and non-conformist dance music, the southern Italian label has built concrete subterranean tunnels with Detroit, New York, Berlin and Amsterdam since its inception in 2011.

Despite their Mediterranean roots, the music on OUT-ER is often intrinsically urban, orbiting the parallel dimensions of Detroit Techno, House, and the Dutch-German school of raw, basement-ready slabs of molten electronics. Melodic, soulful and positive content is almost always there to be found, bubbling beneath the surface.

The list of artists on their roster says it all: Terrence Dixon / Juan Atkins / Efdemin / Orlando Voorn / Marcelus / Inland / Aubrey / 3KZ aka Z.I.P.P.O & Kaelan / Fabrizio Lapiana / DJ Spider / Phil Mopha / The Analogue Cops and more.

Welcome to Formaviva, OUT-ER! Stay tuned for news about their sister label for all things ambient and experimental, Pregnant Void.


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