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Become a Supporter

Our mission at Formaviva is to build a creative, community-driven space that nurtures musical expression, empowers artists, and enables music lovers to discover new wonders.

There are thousands of artists out there who choose to sacrifice commercial success in the search for something greater. Their mission is rather a personal quest to create music that is pure, stays true to their core values, and continues to push boundaries.

These are the artists who speak from the heart, inspire future generations, and refuse to conform to the profit-hungry mainstream. We believe the music they make is a true and authentic reflection of their inner state - pure artistry without compromise.

Discovering music like this enables us to explore our inner-self, expand our consciousness, and grow together within a vast and rich musical landscape. It is vital that we support these artists in the most simple and effective way; by purchasing their music and sharing their message with the world.

Awareness is the first key step to change - the artists you love also need to build a life where they can afford to live comfortably and create freely. Your support can help them achieve that. The starving, struggling artist can be a mere echo of the past if we begin to recognise how valuable their music is to our daily lives. We support the arts because the arts support us - emotionally and spiritually.

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