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Formaviva December Selection 2020

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Track of the Month

Xanexx - Overrap [SCOPÁVIK]

by Xanexx

SCOPÁVIK is a welcome new edition to the platform, and proof why Seoul is an important landmark in the contemporary left-field techno scene. This whirling, invigorating string of advanced programming from Xanexx is about as pure and refreshing as it gets right now… fast forward us to a dancefloor in 2021, please!

December Selection

a_000 - Andlen [The Gods Planet]

by a_000
The Gods Planet

This month The Gods Planet announced their 10 year anniversary compilation, ‘X’, featuring 22 spherical cuts from a host of talents, including this golden creation from Alan Backdrop under his a_000 alias. Supreme 808 programming and washes of ambience flow under teasing filtered bass flourishes.

Edward Bei - Lost Fatasol [Edward Bei]

Lost Fatasol
Lost Fatasol
by Edward Bei
Edward Bei

Edward Bei is a resolutely independent producer based in Portugal. Thus far, having released solely on his own self-titled imprint, he is responsible for a volley of super high-end contributions that really harness the capabilities of Formaviva - to share one’s true and unique vision with our community.

Einox - Chirico (Romi’s Paradox) [Oslated]

Oslated is a long serving pillar of the South Korean scene. Similarly, exceptional young activist Einox has become well known for his off-world, sound-design techno, both hypnotising and body-activating. Check out this this stunning version of ‘Chirico,’ reduced and dubbed by fellow Seoul-based artist Romi.

FAR - Dregs of Time [Sample+Hold]

Dregs of Time
Dregs of Time
by FAR

Berlin-based wizard and man of many aliases, FAR, aka Sample+Hold creator Patrik Skoog, dropped 6 new tracks on this split-album release, ‘Samizdat’, alongside fellow ex-Headroom cohorts Adore. Freaky modulations and spectral pads glide right across the stereo field in this nervous, future-electro think-piece.

Magna Pia - Sacred Ibis [Feral Note]

Sacred Ibis
Sacred Ibis
by Magna Pia
Feral Note

Cassegrain, Hüseyin Evirgen, solo alias Magna Pia, delivered some of early hypnotic techno’s seminal moments. ‘Daiauna’ is his debut LP for contemporary-classical label Feral Note, capturing a love for prepared piano, electro-acoustic IDM and minimalist compositions. A beautiful, multi-layered harmonic study recorded at Feral Note Salon in Berlin.

Martyn Päsch - Indifference Of Feeling (Zemög Remix [KVLTÖ]

Rounding up a busy year of releases, including stand-out tracks on Circular Limited, From A Lost Place and Different Exhibition, Zemög rounds off the year with this superbly dubbed and sensitive treatment, ushering a slow-mo, tribal acid ritual out of Martyn Päsch’s original elements.

Mind Over Midi - Dis [संस्कार Rites]

by Mind Over Midi
संस्कार Rites

Featured on the second release from label-to-watch, संस्कार Rites, this static-laden foggy dreamscape by Mind over MIDI, aka pioneering ambient artist Helge Tømmervåg, plays out like the soundtrack to an wintery night in cyberspace. Be sure to check the 32 minute-long continuous version of the release!

Svarog - Apocalyptic Drama [Artscope]

Apocalyptic Drama
Apocalyptic Drama
by Svarog

Tactile, minimalist, broken-beat techno action from Svarog. The title really does say it all - tense strings and glassy atmospheres rise from the background, while an undulating percussion section steadily plows a path through the ashes of a fallen civilisation, heading for new ground.

Svreca - FRUE (Tilliander Remix [Semantica]

FRUE (Tilliander Remix
FRUE (Tilliander Remix
by Svreca

Tilliander x Svreca = simply essential. Semantica have been a vital member of the Formaviva family since the very beginning, and even so, we are constantly blown away by the shear level of quality upheld throughout their releases, month in, month out.

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