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Intergalactic Research Institute for Sound is the wide-reaching electronic label run by Berlin-based artist Irakli.

A co-creator of the infamous STAUB parties and a burgeoning producer himself, (check out his new album on german institution Dial Records for an extensive, abstract trip), the Georgian artist has built a remarkable home for a certain strand of out-there, bizarre and uncompromising electronic music.

Primarily a platform for Georgian musicians and the sphere of artists in Irakli's creative family, the label focuses on experimental techno, ambient and everything between. Each release has a special concept and often carries critical, heartfelt messages and thought-provoking info-texts.

From championing under-appreciated female artists like Chikiss (the great Stanislav Tolkachev was called in to remix her electronic pop ballad, 'Baby Bye'), to the 'Release EP' where Irakli collaborated with Michailo, an artist unjustly imprisoned for substance possession in Georgia, each chapter is lovingly curated.

A pleasing pattern emerges, woven between purist club techno (abrasive, acidic transmissions, STAUB anthems, and abstract loop studies) and charming, often hard to categorize, contemporary electronic compositions. Concentrated listening is encouraged!

Support the Intergalactic Research Institute for Sound, and follow Irakli and a fascinating network of underground artists on Formaviva.

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