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Forma Podcast 004: Zemög

posted by Formaviva

Electronic explorer Zemög provides our next Forma Podcast.


A shimmering dive through an abyss of dub-techno and emotive ambient works, the Colombian artist carves out space in this hour-long mix, featuring some exclusive new productions.

Known for his characterful and precisely crafted work on From A Lost Place, Circular Limited and Different Exhibition, the talented producer is set to release a new EP on Oslated sister label Huinali Recordings this summer. Two tracks from the forthcoming release feature in the mix, expertly blended alongside undulating cuts by VC-118A aka Mohlao, Brendon Moeller, DeepChord, Toki Fuko and many more.

"When I record or compose something, I am almost always affected by the state of mind that I am going through. This mix, in addition to showing the deep affection I have for the Dub sound, represents the sound of hope, in search of inner peace. Now in Colombia we are going through perhaps one of the most difficult times and the musical resonance must always be present to hold together a feeling, the love for art and for our own lives." - Zemög, May 2021.

At Formaviva we believe all humans are equal, deserve equal rights and democratic, non-corrupt leadership. Our thoughts go out to the victims of the recent disgusting acts of brutality in Colombia. The electronic music community stands in solidarity with you! ❤️

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