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Michał Wolski - Meionia Calai (feat. Luigi Tozzi rephase)

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A continual source of highly advanced sonics and a model artist, humbly dedicated to his practice, Polish producer Michał Wolski arrives on Monday Off with a full EP. Backed by a precisely reduced, deep-scanning remix by Luigi Tozzi this latest release on Mary Yuzovskaya's vinyl-only label is perhaps the strongest release to date.

Over three moody cuts, Wolski transmits his formidable production skills and an uncanny sixth-sense for electrified, hypnotising sequences. Fizzing, spectral scans and bursts of syncopated electrons ignite at a smouldering core. The tense, burning energy and homogenous quality of each track is impossible to ignore. This is ultra-evolved techno.

Lead track 'Meionia Calai' shimmers around its axis as a haunting synth theme emerges from its inky depths. 'Xeioa Claipha' locks us into a delicious future-acid march, while the more experimental 'Plaxhia Exhia' deploys broken kicks unto a maelstrom of sprawling, strafer fire and ethereal pad-clouds.

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